PhenQ Ingredients

PhenQ Ingredients

Phenq Ingredients: Detailed Review

If you are interested in losing weight but have been experiencing some difficulty in doing so, then you might want to take a look at PhenQ.

If you have never heard of PhenQ, you might think that it is some new diet or special workout routine. It is actually neither of those things.

In fact, it is a specially designed diet pill that promotes weight loss in people who take it regularly.

PhenQ IngredientsProduct such as this are generally designed to offer quick weight loss results.

Part of the reason you can experience rapid weight loss with PhenQ is because the ingredients of the pill work to increase your metabolism, which has the effect of enhancing the fat burning power of the body.

The ingredients also work to suppress the appetite so that you are not eating as much as normal, which also boosts the weight loss.

PhenQ has been developed in an US approved laboratory and on an average a person can lose 2-5 lbs in a week by taking the pill.

You can lose up to 20 lbs even in a month. You’ll feel stronger and more energetic by consuming the PhenQ.

This all-in-one pill would definitely cut out the excessive fat in the body faster and in an easy way.

PhenQ Ingredients – What Makes It Burn Fat

You might be wondering just what it is about PhenQ that makes it seem like the miracle weight loss diet pill. The answer is simple – the ingredients.

In fact, PhenQ is made up of the perfect combinations of ingredients that really work well together to promote fat burning in the body.

If you are familiar with the now banned Phentermine diet pill, then you might want to know what these two diet pills have in common. The answer is a lot.

Fortunately, PhenQ employs all the things that worked well with Phentermine without any of the terrible side effects that led to it getting banned.

The PhenQ is a breakthrough new concept that utilizes natural maximum strength ingredients that can spur your metabolic rate, curb hunger, supercharge your energy levels and contribute in the chemical breakdown of body fat.

The creators of this supplement have nothing to hide and they are completely open about PhenQ ingredients and have made public details on the clinical results that these components have achieved.

All Natural PhenQ Ingredients

All ingredients in PhenQ are 100% natural and meant to strengthen lean muscle and improve fat loss productivity to its consumers.

Here is what you will get with every valuable PhenQ pill:

  • Alpha-Lacys Reset
  • Capsimax Powder
  • Calcium Carbonate
  • Chromium Picolinate
  • Caffeine Anhydrous
  • Nopal
  • L-Carnitine Fumarate

Alpha-Lacys Reset® 25 mg

Alpha-Lacys Reset® is a branded and clinically studied compound that was built to trigger the thermogenesis inside the body, and accelerate metabolic processes. And the faster metabolism, the more calories you’ll burn.

This guarantees you can almost instantly begin to slim down, accomplishing your weight loss quest very in a short time.

Enhanced metabolic processes and improved thermogenesis go well together to help you burn more fat than ever before.

The manufacturers have carried out their own research into the clinically proven and ground breaking PhenQ ingredient Alpha-Lacys Reset®, and discovered that test subjects experienced:

  • 7.24% decrease in excess fat
  • 3.44% decrease in body mass
  • 3.80% improvement in lean muscle mass

Capsimax Powder 15.5 mg

Capsimax Powder is a combination of capsicum, piperine, and niacin (vitamin B3). 1 2 3

The combination of these 3 ingredients forms an effective agent that helps fight the fat deposits and burn them fairly quickly. This will help you achieve that impeccable slim body that you wish to have.

Capsimax PowderCapsicum and piperine have been clinically proven to have superior thermogenic characteristics and this, consequently, will help the system use up more fat, in that way decreasing your average weight.

Furthermore, studies have showed that piperine could even stop additional fat cells from developing. 4

Capsaicin is a typical ingredient of the PhenQ that raises the body temperature to burn out the fat faster.

Capsaicin has also been proven to create levels of fat burning that is clinically significant and notable. 5

Capsaicin acts an agent that helps in increasing the impact of the other ingredients in the PhenQ.

Calcium Carbonate 625 mg

Calcium is commonly linked to healthier bones and restoring the condition of your bones, but it really has a significant role in weight management as well.

Calcium is greatly responsible for the control of body fat. Calcium is in charge of transferring the signals from your whole body to your brain.

Calcium CarbonateThis basically means that if you have a sufficient amount of calcium within your system, then your body understands not to save any excess fat that make you add on weight.

Indeed, some studies show that calcium can order various cells in your body to shed excess fat by suggesting that the body is in good condition and for this reason fat deposits are unnecessary. 6

After that, cells start to melt fat and this result in additional weight reduction.

A research of overweight men and women using calcium dietary supplements or otherwise elevating their calcium consumption found that they witnessed an enhanced degree of weight reduction. 7

Normally, when the body decreases its extra fat, it will also start going after all of the stored fat by burning it down and using it for creation of energy.

Therefore it provides a fantastic strategy to weight control by not just prevention, but also precise elimination of fat cells from the tissues. This will help both reduce weight and also keep it that way.

Chromium Picolinate 80 mcg

Chromium Picolinate is an organic mineral typically present in whole grains, fresh vegetables and various meats. 8

Chromium picolinate is an incredible substance that works towards regulating your glucose levels.

Bioavailable ChromiumThis ingredient controls detrimental sugary cravings which are responsible for weight gain and build up of fats.

Therefore even when you eat a meal that is rich in carbohydrates, this substance will work to assimilate all of that glucose, thus greatly reducing or eliminating any excess carbs from your blood.

If a sufficient amount of sugar is present in your cells, then sugar cravings for it end.

What Chromium is proven to do is to secure the cells handle optimal levels of glucose, therefore decreasing cravings for carbohydrates and enhancing weight reduction activities.

Several scientific studies have connected chromium to reducing carb cravings. One 8 week research revealed that people with depression issues felt reduced appetite and sugar cravings when using chromium. 9

Caffeine Anhydrous 150 mg

Caffeine is a substance that is present in the most of diet supplements these days, and for a good reason.

CaffeineCaffeine can help keep you awake and concentrated and will give you a constant and regular dose of energy so you won’t feel fatigued. 10

This is certainly an important part of weight loss because it can make many dieters tired and exhausted when they start their weight loss journey.

This level of energy should also allow you to maintain your strength, so you can be more active, which in turn help you use even more calories. 11

Caffeine is furthermore an appetite suppressant and at the same time increases the metabolic levels of your system and help get rid of fat quicker. 12

Nopal 20 mg

Nopal is an amazing ingredient that is taken from the cactus Opuntia and is extremely high in dietary fiber.

Nopal CactusFiber is an underestimated element when talking about weight reduction and not many individuals recognize the significance it has.

Increased fiber content is ideal for helping you feel full all day long, which decreases unwanted cravings and will keep you clear from worthless fast foods. 13

Moreover, the fiber will also help manage your digestive activities and keep your digestive system healthy. And a healthier digestive system greatly increases your odds for a fruitful diet and effective weight maintenance.

Nopal is also valuable because it contains many amino acids, meaning that you should have more energy while on diet. 14

Finally, it may help you to eliminate any excess water kept in your body.

L-Carnitine Fumarate 142.5 mg

L-carnitine fumarate is a stable version of L-carnitine, amino acid found profusely in bones and heart muscle.

L-CarnitineFoods rich in L-carnitine are mainly various types of meat like, low fat pork, lean beef or chicken breast, nuts and green vegetables. 15

L-carnitine works principally as a transport vehicle for fatty acids, carrying them into the mitochondria, where they are used for energy creation.

Therefore, L-Carnitine will help stimulate a ketogenic process within your body, and that way helping the body to use present fat deposits and transform them into energy.

L-carnitine is also used to improve recovery time after exercises, so it help you achieve your workout results faster.

As outlined by the developer, the level of scientific investigation added to their formulation and the thoughtfully chosen ingredients of their supplement proves its premium ability to improve lean muscle, greatly reduce excess weight and unwanted fat over rivaling supplements.

Are PhenQ Ingredients Safe?

Many people wonder whether the PhenQ ingredients are safe and the short answer is that they are in fact quite safe.

There have been multitudes of studies published in a variety of leading medical journals describing how ingredients found in PhenQ have safe and positive effects on fat loss.

Moreover, this supplement is is manufactured in a lab that is regulated by the government and fully certified by the FDA.

Side Effects Of PhenQPhenQ ingredients come without serious side effects and they are very rare.

The side effects of are mild and slighter than compared to other fat burners.

To learn more about potential issues, check out our detailed information about Phenq side effects.

If you are a lazy reader, below are the most common issues.

People sensitive to caffeine may have some small problems; also since energy levels are increased some people may have difficulty to fall asleep.

Some users experienced upset stomach and a change in stool consistency.

But the most important, these side effects are not frequent and usually stop after several days, when body gets accustomed to ingredients.

Some of these side effects can be combated by not taking PhenQ on an empty stomach and by taking it with water instead of juice or another beverage.

As with any new pill or supplement, a doctor should be consulted before you starting consuming PhenQ.

What PhenQ Ingredients Do?

Several very potent PhenQ ingredients like L-Carnitine Alpha-Lacys Reset or Capsaicin are able to convert the body fat into energy for your daily activities or for the workouts.

This not only helps a person to burn fat faster, but keeps your metabolic rate high even after 24 hours.

PhenQ is specially designed to increase the fat burning rate by not letting the muscle tissue to deteriorate and increase the metabolism rate.

It helps to avoid the muscle loss that may occur during the fat loss process.

PhenQ Ingredients For Weight Loss

PhenQ has also some exceptional ingredients that can suppress the appetite and resist the urge of getting into bad dietary habits.

Those who have taken this supplement combined with a healthy diet and exercise schedule have reaped weight loss benefits.

The PhenQ has been so effective supplement that many people are all praise for it and have even called it a miracle drug.


If you decide to buy PhenQ and use it regularly in the prescribed amounts throughout the day, your body simply will not go into this salivating-rumbling-eating cycle.

You won’t even notice it because you’re not really hungry!

Many people have said that when they are dieting they end up being more hungry and have less energy, but that’s where the second ingredient in PhenQ comes in.

L-Carnitine has also been put into PhenQ to make sure that you never do run out of energy. It works in tandem with the appetite suppressant main ingredient to assure that you are always at high levels of energy when consuming the supplement.

Additionally, with extra L-Carnitine in your body, you will be able to help the mitochondria that your body is using for energy.

It’s important to know that as you lose weight, your body is lazy and will cannibalize your muscle mass first, because it’s easier for it to break down instead of fat.

However, it will use muscle mass and body fat at the same time for extra energy if you are suppressing your appetite.

Natural PhenQ Ingredients

But there’s another saver! Alpha-Lacys Reset kickstarts your metabolism and encourages your body to rebuild your muscles.

But, don’t kid yourself, dieting isn’t easy. While certainly the ingredients in PhenQ will help you, popping pills is not the only thing you need to do.

In fact, it’s best if you combine your use of the supplement with a good exercise routine and a proper diet.

Pick a diet that works well for you, whether it’s low-carb, or low-fat, or ovo-lacto, or whatever… and combine it with PhenQ for the best results!

With regular usage of PhenQ, you can be well on your way to achieving those weight loss dreams.

On average, you can expect between two and five pounds per week of weight loss.

You will eat few calories, feel more energized and gain muscle mass instead of losing it, which is common with many diet pills. Your body will turn into the fat burning machine!

So go ahead and feel the way you always wanted to!

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